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Yes. If it’s a brand new, freshly built home, your lock probably has a master key and sometimes housing developers don’t lock down the locations of those very quickly. The best way to avoid a security breach of any kind is to get your locks re-keyed right off the bat. If you just purchased a home that was already lived in, keep in mind that the previous homeowners might not have rounded up all of the keys they handed out over time. There could be babysitters, contractors and cleaning people running around with a spare key that connects to the lock of your front door. Just to be on the safe side, change the locks whenever you move into a new home.

When you hire a real, journeyman locksmith you’re paying for the years of experience that will save you from repairing a broken lock if they botched opening your door for you. The less time it takes, the more skill they have and that locksmith charges a premium price for those skills that were earned over many years in the business and loads of experience. You’re paying for the Lockman guarantee, not five minutes of our locksmith’s time.

Since the hands of time started ticking, humans started creating locks to protect the things they want to keep as their own. And one of the things that’s always seeing constant improvement is security technology. Thus, with every newly released vehicle, you’ll see more complicated locking mechanisms protecting your vehicle from getting broken into. That means it’s going to be harder to replicate the key and the key fob attached to your vehicle. The locksmith you go to will have to invest in new technology, training and more just to be able to provide that service. Thus, the price of auto keys and auto locksmith services continue to come at a premium.

If you’re having to use pretty excessive force to get your lock to open and it didn’t use to be like this, there’s certainly something wrong with your locking mechanism. However, it could be a few other factors causing the lock to malfunction. Specifically temperature extremes. If your door is wooden and you’re either experiencing an extreme cold spell or a hot spell then the fiber of the wood might be expanding and contracting so that you lock isn’t fitting into the door frame like it used to. If your lock was originally installed in the heat of summer or during any other extreme temperature difference, then the door shifted from its natural spot and the lock will likely always function a little awkwardly. You can contact us and we can come adjust the lock for you before you use too much force and straight-up break the lock with the excessive force you need to use on it.

If the key is still fitting inside your ignition and turning but the vehicle won’t start, you’re likely looking at an issue with the transponder chip. The transponder chip is essentially standard on most vehicles nowadays, and for the vehicle to start, the transponder chip embedded in the key will need to have to connect with the one in your ignition. If this is happening, you’ll only need to have the key reprogrammed to the car’s vehicle. If that’s all it is, you can bring it to your auto locksmith and get it taken care of pretty easily.

Lock bumping is all the rage among big city thieves now as it’s a virtually undetectable way to break through the security provided by a simplistic front door lock. All it requires is a good enough idea of how big your lock is so the thief can shave a random key down so it can fit within your lock, then, they’ll place the key into the lock and hit it with a blunted object. This causes the pins in the lock to malfunction and pop open as if the actual key opened the lock. To prevent this from happening to your home or business in Philadelphia, reach out to us so we can equip your doors with bump-proof locks.

A locksmith can install, service and repair mechanical and electronic locking mechanisms with skill. Many locksmiths specialize in certain areas of locksmithing, but Lockman provides a varied experience portfolio as we have journeyman locksmiths who can help you with commercial, residential, and auto locksmithing services. We even offer emergency, mobile locksmiths all over the city of Philadelphia in case you lock yourself out of your car or home on accident.