Welcome back to our blog! We’re excited to discuss how to keep your businesses and homes safer on a day-to-day basis. In our previous blog, we started exploring the history of the “unpickable lock”: and what it is to find a lock that really is hard to break into. While there are a variety of locks that can be called unpickable, there are none that are impassable. It’s merely a matter of finding one that your thief won’t have seen before and won’t be able to get ahold of to try and practice on. Being your local locksmith, we decided to find the best locks available that can make all the difference for your first, and sometimes last line of defense that is your front door.

The August Smart Lock

Smart locks have a distinct advantage over traditional locks and keys because they aren’t traditional locks and keys. While locks are, from a standpoint, a beautiful harmony of simple machines and delicate pieces, smart locks are just that, they’re smart. So unless you get a bug on the smartphone attached to your smart lock, you’re probably safe. In other words, they’d have to major in computer science to be able to pick your smartphones automated lock, with which biometrics and a series of passcodes like most smartphones have today will be nearly impossible. It’s unpickable because there is no outside lock to pick.

EVVA MCS Keys and Locks

Previously, there has been some concern surrounding different types of magnetic locks, because thieves were able to go up and put a magnet near the lock, record the patterns and interactions and then replicate a magnetic key and open the door rather easily. This key is much more secure. It’s a combination of magnetic software and just plain old-fashioned key cuts with teeth and the corresponding keyway to give way and open for that key. Each EVVA MCS key has a unique magnetic signature that it uses to connect with a lock. While the magnetic code may be possible to duplicate at a later date, the thief would also have to figure how to duplicate the magnetic code and pick the portions of the lock the key has etched onto its teeth. The combination of the techniques renders it entirely unlikely that they’ll be able to access a way to pick it at all in the near future.

Shi-He Chi-Me U-Lock

The lock itself is nearly as complicated as the name of it. This lock and its ket are both very strange devices. It consists of a keyway without any variation and a key with plenty of variation. Because of the way it’s constructed, it requires the rounded teeth to make sharp turns that picks would not be able to replicate. You’d have to keep the tension in those turns with your pick while turning others, rending it rather impossible to pick with only two hands. The variety of unseen holes the key path has would make it a remarkable feat to pick lock itself. The lock is also made and sold in China and not widely used there. It’s extremely rare and hard to find. Not even knowing what the key looks like would further confuse and frustrate a potential thief.

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