Lockpicking has been famous for years. It’s romanticized in movies and tv shows and generally regarded as a one-two step with a hair-pin. You’ll be happy to know it’s a touch more complicated than merely willing the lock to turn. It’s more difficult than that, but not by much. In fact, the average thief has a variety of tools at hand that they can use to get past any house’s first —and often only— defense. In most cases the key to finding a lock that a thief won’t be able to pick starts with finding a lock that’s totally unique, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite locks that have very little in the way of media exposure so that when a thief walks up to your door, they’ll have no idea what they’re looking at.

The Key To Picking a Lock

What is the key to picking a lock (pun intended)? Knowing what the keyway and key generally look like. If they don’t know either of those things, they won’t be able to practice on locks like yours and they won’t be very good when they walk up to your door and try to pop it open. That means that a commercially popular lock has been vetted and thieves know how to access it and pick it easily. If it’s rare, however, it’s entirely unlikely that they’ll be able to determine what the product’s faults are and how they can take advantage of those faults. As an example, we like to refer to the lockpicking contests that were rampantly popular in London during the 1700s. They’d hang a lock in a department store window and pledge an insane amount of money to the man that could pick it. Making it a public spectacle made quite an excellent marketing campaign, except for when someone inevitably picked the lock and claimed the reward. This happened several times until one of the men that picked the most famous lock in the department store window managed to create a lock that he claimed could not be picked, and the marketing strategy that he eventually settled on did not require people to try and pick it. His strategy lingered only for a while, as new locks are regularly publicized and therefore, very rarely actually secure and unpickable. Unfortunately, there are no unpickable locks, so it’s important to invest in one that can’t be easily figured out how to pick it.

HYT Chain Key

By key chain, we mean a key that’s literally a chain. It hangs in limp, lightly connected segments off the lip of the key and the keyway is equipped with a small ledge that you feed the first portion of the chain into before being able to open the lock very carefully. The keyway curves in a way that makes fitting standard and irregular picks down the keyway nearly impossible. If the thief happens to be an actual locksmith, it’s doubtful that they’d want to interfere with it, as the simplistic and elegant workings of the lock make it seem closer to a collector’s piece than an actual utility. Its construction makes it remarkably hard to even know what you’re looking at which is actually perfect for avoiding the hazard of lock pickers.

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