1. Where To Buy Your Replacement Locks and What Brands To Avoid

    In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of changing your lock when it’s broken. But we also explored the idea that some locks are more likely to break than others are. As your local Philadelphia locksmith, we fancy it’s our job to educate you about why we carry the brands that we do, and what sets us apart from other locksmiths. We don’t condone installing locks on people’s doors…Read More

  2. Is It Ok To Avoid Fixing a Broken Lock

    We know what it’s like living in Philadelphia, you’re busy all the time. It’s not as if you moved to a larger city because you wanted to sit at home more often. So you have things you do all day long and when you get home, your top priority just isn’t fixing the drippy faucet or catering to those piddly issues around the house. Your top priority is probably falling asleep in enough time so…Read More

  3. Four Locks That Are Impossible to Pick- Part 2

    Welcome back to our blog! We’re excited to discuss how to keep your businesses and homes safer on a day-to-day basis. In our previous blog, we started exploring the history of the “unpickable lock”: and what it is to find a lock that really is hard to break into. While there are a variety of locks that can be called unpickable, there are none that are impassable. It’s merely a matter of fi…Read More

  4. Four Locks That Are Impossible to Pick

    Lockpicking has been famous for years. It’s romanticized in movies and tv shows and generally regarded as a one-two step with a hair-pin. You’ll be happy to know it’s a touch more complicated than merely willing the lock to turn. It’s more difficult than that, but not by much. In fact, the average thief has a variety of tools at hand that they can use to get past any house’s first —and…Read More